Schubert: Lieder

About the project

Jeremy Leaman writes: “The seed of this project was sown by an inspired and inspiring set of “Zoom-recitals” organised by Beate Toyka, a leading figure in the musical life of the East Midlands in the UK, in the course of 2020. These included solo performances of Beethoven’s piano music, chamber music and song, in large part associated with fundraising campaigns for particular charities.
After a well-received recital of a dozen of the twenty songs in Die schöne Müllerin, the possibility of more extensive exploration of both “The Maid of the Mill” and Winterreise (Winter Journey) was raised and acted upon in fairly short order, with increasingly enthusiastic rehearsals – some of them via Zoom – and then with the proposal to hold a streamed recital of Winterreise in the wonderful acoustic of the Chapel at Trent College in Long Eaton on March 31st 2021. This became a kind of dress rehearsal for three days of recording of Winterreise, while positive reviews of the concert added impetus to the idea of rehearsing and performing/recording the whole of Die schöne Müllerin.